As residents of one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic capital cities, our students have plenty to enjoy in their leisure time.

Recreational Facilities

London has everything that a young person could desire. In addition to the history and culture that make the city so unique, it also has the finest stores (possibly the best, Selfridges, is directly opposite the College), the latest fashions, the most vibrant music scene, and the best sporting events to be found anywhere on the planet. It is simply impossible to run out of new things to do.

And to make sure that our new students make the best of the leisure opportunities available to them we provide them with membership of International Students House, a social centre that specialises in providing social and leisure facilities for young people who are new to London.

The facilities at International Students House are excellent, and a social calendar, published monthly and displayed on the College notice boards, ensures that WLC students always have somewhere to go in their leisure time that is safe and welcoming.

Among the most popular activities are team games such as football or cricket, kung fu, dance classes, aerobics (there’s a well equipped gymnasium), cinema, and religious groups.

here is also a travel club which arranges visits to places of interest all over the UK and, for the more adventurous, mainland Europe.

An interesting extra facility offered by ISH is their ticket service. This enables students to purchase tickets for major attractions all over London such as concerts, theatre, exhibitions and sporting events, often at heavily discounted prices. There’s even a box at the Royal Albert Hall, where world class performers can be seen for a fraction of the normal cost.

London: The experience of a┬álifetime…

Studying at West London College is not just about textbooks and exams. It is about discovering a whole new way of life. Our students work hard, but they play hard too, and it is this combination that makes a WLC education such a fulfilling and memorable experience. It is why former students come back years later to tell us how much they enjoyed their time with us and how we helped to shape not just their careers but their social lives as well.