The following is a list of frequently asked questions about our full-time courses. By selecting a link, you can read the answer to the question. Please read them carefully and if your question is not answered here, please  contact us with your query.

Applying to study at the College

1. How do I make an application?

Making an application to study with us is straightforward. All you need to do is to complete the Form, which is available to download, and attach your high school results sheet and any other relevant academic qualifications. Then send your completed application to us by any of the following methods:

If your application is successful we will send you an Offer Letter confirming your acceptance for the course.

2. How long will it take to process my application?

We process most applications within a few days. In fact, if you have not heard from us within 3 weeks of having sent us your application form then you should email West London College so that we can investigate. Please provide us with your full name and address; tell us which course you applied for and when and how you sent your application (by airmail, fax or e-mail).

3. Is there an application fee?

The College does not charge a fee at the point of application. Instead, the cost of assessing your application form and qualifications is included within the course fee.

4. When is the deadline for making an application?

We do not have a deadline for receiving applications. As long as there are spaces available we are happy to accommodate new applicants right up until the start of a course.

If you are applying from overseas then it is important to be realistic about the time it might take from the date you send us your application through to your arrival at the College. There are a number of steps along the way, some of which can be quite time consuming.

Once you have received your offer letter you will need to arrange payment of your course fee and send us a copy of your signed Enrolment Form. In reply, we will send you a Visa Letter which you can use to apply for a visa from your local British Embassy or High Commission. The time taken by British Immigration to process a visa application varies from place to place and from month to month. For instance, UK visa offices tend to be very busy in July and August with students hoping to join UK colleges and universities in September, and at Christmas with people keen to visit friends and relatives.To avoid the disappointment of arriving late for a course, or even having to wait for the next course, you need to allocate a reasonable amount of time (2-3 months) to the application process.

5. Where can I get help with making an application?

If you are already in London then the best thing to do is to come into the College to see us (and have a look around if you like). You don’t need to make an appointment. The College is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Simply come up to Reception on the First Floor and ask to speak to a Course Advisor.

In addition to helping you with your application the Course Advisor will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the course that you are interested in taking. In most cases, we will be able to advise you on the spot whether your application has been successful and we will provide you with an offer letter to show to your parents, sponsor or guardian.

Alternatively, the College has a network of ‘Official Representatives’ in over 50 countries around the world. A WLC Representative will be able to assist you with everything from course selection all the way through to how to make a successful visa application, as well as accommodation options in London.



1. Can I pay fees in instalments?

Yes, although if you are an overseas student coming to study in the UK for the first time you will need to refer to the provisions below.


Fees can be paid in instalments, although we charge an additional £50 per quarter if this method of payment is chosen.

Advance Payment Provisions:

  • I am a UK, EU, EEA (EU + Norway and Iceland), Swiss or British Overseas national.
    You can pay your fees in instalments if you prefer (e.g. for a course with a tuition fee of £5,940 there is an initial payment of £2,030 and two further payments of £2,030 after each quarter).
  • I am in the UK and have a PSW, working holiday visa or residence permit.
    You can pay your fees in instalments (e.g. for a course with tuition fee of £5,940 there is an initial payment of £2,030 and two further payments of £2,030 after each quarter).
  • I am from outside the EU and require a student visa under Tier 4 of the UKBA Points Based System.
    The recent changes to the immigration rules mean that you will need to pay a deposit of at least the first year of study in order to qualify for a CAS. You can pay for further courses of study in instalments.


2. Can I pay fees with a credit/debit card?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Switch and Solo (but not American Express or Diners Club).

  • For cardholders in the UK:
    This method of payment is recommended for cardholders in the UK. It is secure (Chip and Pin), cheap (there are no bank charges) and quick (while a cheque may take 5 working days to clear). To pay by card, please come to the College. If this is not possible please call the College and ask to speak to the Bursar.
  • For cardholders not in the UK:
    To pay by credit card the cardholder will need to download and complete the Credit Card Transaction form and return it to the College along with a copy of both sides of their credit card. Please note: For security reasons we may not be able to accept some card transactions. This is at the discretion of the College.

To pay by credit card the cardholder will need to download and complete the Credit Card Transaction form and return it to the College along with a copy of both sides of their credit card.

3. Does the College offer scholarships?

No, the College does not run a scholarship scheme.

Often the best place to ask for financial assistance is from your own government or your employer. Alternatively, you might find it useful to contact your nearest British Council office to ask if they know of any local initiatives that you may benefit from.

4. Will I get a refund if my visa application is refused?

Yes. If you are refused a visa, you will qualify for an automatic refund of all monies paid to the College, with only the deduction of the non-refundable £100 registration fee. We aim to return fees as quickly as practicably possible, often within two weeks of a refund request.

The refund procedure:

  • If your visa is refused, the British immigration authorities will issue you with a ‘Notice of Visa Refusal’, also known as an ‘GV51’. This is normally a two-page document that states the reasons for refusal.
  • On receipt of your ‘Notice of Visa Refusal’, we will send you a letter with advice on what to do next. It is often better to make a fresh application for a visa (or even request an administrative review) rather than request an immediate refund. We will take a good look at your case and advise you what course of action is best in your circumstances.