London has a reputation for being expensive, and indeed it is for tourists, but if you are a student and enrolled with a college that will help you, you can actually live in London surprisingly cheaply.

When you receive your acceptance documentation from West London College we will include a breakdown of living costs. About £700 per month should be adequate if you live in the accommodation we provide and you are prepared to spend modestly. The College provides hostel accommodation, including breakfast and dinner for £473.00 per month, a hot lunch in our subsidised restaurant for £3 a day, and a monthly student bus pass which will take you anywhere in London, day or night, costs only £50 per month.

Then there are lots of discounts available in stores and restaurants, many of the museums and art galleries are free, and a West London College student card will admit you to International Students” House without having to pay. And there are free film nights at the College cinema at Hannah House on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. And the College has a Job Shop that offers a free job placement service for those who would like to earn a bit of extra pocket money.

Please note that under the new ”Points Based System” immigration rules which take effect on 31st March 2009, if you are from overseas you need to show that you have access to £9,000 for living expenses for the first year of study, even if you are living with relatives or in accommodation provided by the College.