Hostel accommodation

WLC provides comfortable, reasonably priced hostel accommodation for all new full time students.

It is not compulsory to use this service; many students have friends and relatives in London that they can stay with. But for those who need accommodation we offer excellent hostel facilities within easy travelling distance of the College. The hostels are located in some of the most desirable and fashionable areas of London: Notting Hill, Bayswater, Swiss Cottage, Queensway etc. and provide comfortable half-board accommodation at reasonable rates.

The advantages of living in the hostels are numerous. Finding decent accommodation in London is difficult, even for Londoners, so for anyone new to the city it is very important to have somewhere safe, secure, and comfortable to go to on arrival. Also, the hostels provide meals, so students who are not used to looking after themselves are well catered for. But perhaps the biggest advantage of all is that the hostels offer a social life. Students who are new to London need to make friends quickly and the hostels make this easy. Where possible we accommodate students who are on the same course together at the same hostel.

The procedure for booking hostel accommodation and the costs are dealt with in detail, but in essence, once a student has accepted the offer of a place at the College and has paid tuition fees, they will be sent an Accommodation Booking Form which they need to complete and send in to the Student Services team, who then send confirmation. It’s as easy as that!